Deadline @Tate

Deadline is a 3 day arts festival to launch Tate’s deadline year to come off fossil fuels.

A public but unauthorised programme at Tate Modern, including video installations, poetry, gallery tours, pop-up theatre, kids creative workshops, artist debates and seedbombing in the Turbine Hall.

Deadline Festival @Tate marks the middle weekend of the Paris climate talks, and one year before Tate’s current sponsorship contract with BP runs out.

Browse the full programme or download it as a pdf

As negotiators and the media descend on Paris to discuss planetary deadlines, the Festival will explore how culture in London interacts with the climate crisis. We will bring together artists, journalists, politicians and academics to debate London’s role as a city of fossil fuels, and the responsibility of culture to drive a rupture with business as usual.

Cheeky and serious, Deadline Festival will interrogate power. Tate Britain’s parallel official exhibition on “Artist & Empire” reminds us of the gallery’s power to shape how we relate to our histories, and to limit how we imagine our futures. Physically situating ourselves in the BP-sponsored Tate Modern, we ask how we can break with our colonial legacy, create a society beyond neoliberalism and move beyond fossil fuels to democratic and sustainable energy.

Deadline Festival @Tate will be the first in a series of public events throughout Tate’s final year of sponsorship by BP.


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